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“Lets keep it out of the Landfill”

Welcome to Battery Recycling Made Easy! In 2003, BRME established its battery recycling facility in Cartersville, Georgia, just forty miles north of Atlanta. Our staff has over 50 years of battery manufacturing and process application experience. With our battery process knowledge expertise, combined with our patented battery recycling technology, BRME is established as a leader in e-scrap, e-waste, and the universal waste sector. We are the “end of life” for batteries.

What keeps us awake at night:

The truth – Companies often cut costs by offloading dismantling and recycling to impoverished countries with lax labor laws, weak environmental regulations, and poor human rights track records.As a result of this massive global flow of e-waste, former farming villages in countries like Vietnam, China, and Nigeria are now e-waste dumps.

In these impoverished communities, “recycling” often means burning circuit boards, soaking microchips in acid, and burning plastics to sort them by order. In short, it means poisoning people and the planet.

Join us in this crusade to reduce waste, protect our environment, and educate generations to come on the benefit and impact of e-waste and universal waste recycling.


BRME is committed to recycling and repurposing our vital precious resources. Join us on this crusade, for our families and for our future!



Turn-Key Services and our Small Container Program

Our turn-key service includes but is not limited to freight, collection containers, sorting, processing, and metal recovery via our unique processing solution.  Our Small Container Program makes it easy for small companies and consumers to do their part! Simply purchase a container and we will ship it to you with all return shipping included.  Check out more information on our Small Container Program here