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Our Mission:

We aim to positively impact the world, through technology, stewardship of our natural resources, and reducing waste for the greater good of mankind. We are an organization with a heart and soul that is built upon purposeful, values-driven leadership. We demonstrate this through our commitment to communities, people, and the environment.

Humble beginnings and a bright future:

  Battery Recycling Made Easy LLC was founded in 2003 with the mission of protecting our environment,  stewardship of our natural resources, and becoming a dedicated leader in the e-scrap and universal waste sector. Located about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta in the community of Calhoun, Georgia. Today BRME  is the second-largest battery recycler in North America, and we are not stopping there.  We are pioneering cutting-edge recycling and repurposing technology that is rooted in our belief in a circular economy- one of renewal, which lessons our impact on our environment and rooted in sustainability for generations of recyclers to come.


Our staff has over 50 years of battery manufacturing and process application experience in addition to process engineering and material handling knowledge. We continue to innovate and improve all facets of our experience in the universal waste sector.  Our vision for the future entails partnering with other like-minded organizations to impact the lives of those less fortunate by renewing and repurposing our earth’s precious natural resources.  Join us as we strive to drive toward sustainability and the vision of a circular economy.